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President Barack H. Obama: Change Laws Where Dogs and Cats are No Longer Considered "Property".

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We feel that, by changing the definition of the legal term "property" as defined under the Constitution to ONLY pertain to inanimate objects and not our pets, it will open the doors for far stricter animal rights and animal protection laws to be created and enforced a lot more strongly. We also feel that the sale of dogs and cats should be outlawed and the only way they can be acquired is through legal adoption processes. With a change in this definition, we would hope to see animals no longer crowded in kill shelters and put to death but instead allowed to exist in sanctuaries funded by tax dollars through government subsidies.

Dogs and cats are intelligent, thinking and feeling sentient beings, not inanimate objects like a car, house, furniture or a cell phone. As long as they are considered property, many people often feel they can do whatever they please with their pets - like abuse them, beat them, starve them, neglect them, discard them, torture them and even kill them and not have to worry about any serious legal penalties or repercussions. We feel that once the law is changed to no longer consider them property but instead as living companions, the laws will then need to be made to make penalties for abuse and neglect far more severe -- the same way it is for children.

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