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End Inequality in SGA #SupportTigersOfDifferentStripes

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On April 10, 2017 as a result of the Brown vs. SGA case, the Texas Southern University Student Court concluded, with a unanimous vote of 5-0, that the Elevation ticket was disqualified due to the Chief Election Commissioner's negligence and inequality in addressing the multiple violations that were filed against the aforementioned ticket. Said violations and complaints went unanswered, thus giving the Elevation ticket a clear advantage during the spring 2017 student elections. 

With the assistance of current Executive cabinet members of the F.O.C.U.S. Administration, the Elevation ticket unconstitutionally refuted and appealed the verdict of the Student Court with the Office of Student Services. 

On April 26, 2017 the Vice President of Student Services called on the Student, Faculty, and Staff Disciplinary Committee to convene, as directed by the Office of Judicial Affairs, to hear arguments for and against issues arising from the 2017 Spring SGA Elections. The charge of the Committee was to determine whether the Elevation Ticket should be disqualified or not disqualified based upon information presented by the Student Government Association and The Student Court.

After hearing testimonies from both parties, their witnesses, reading the laws governing both parties and reviewing the evidence presented prior to the hearing, the Committee unanimously decided that the decision made by the Student Court to disqualify the Elevation Ticket remain in effect. The case was heard as a result of the rising student issues of homophobia, xenophobia, and blatant discrimination of the opponents of the Elevation ticket. The Committee felt the case was originally heard by the proper governing body. The Elevation ticket members did not agree with the verdict of the Student, Faculty, and Staff Disciplinary Committee and proceeded to appeal with the Office of the President.

On May 1, 2017 members of Texas Southern University's Presidential Cabinet , including Dr. Austin A. Lane, convened in a meeting with members of the current SGA Administration, members of the Elevation ticket, and only one opponent of the ticket to discuss their stance on the verdict of the Student Court and the Student, Faculty, and Staff Disciplinary Committee. As a result of the obvious bias meeting, the President and his cabinet members overturned the verdict of the Student Court and their colleagues of the Student, Faculty, and Staff Disciplinary Committee. The President proposed a runoff election, set for Thursday, May 4, 2017. 

The administration of Texas Southern University has blatantly violated the Student Governing documents that govern the students of Texas Southern University and has officially overstepped their boundaries. President Lane has made a cowardice, bias decision in favor of the members of the Elevation ticket while disregarding the rising Title IX issues arising from the Spring 2017 SGA Elections. The events within last several weeks of SGA events has uncovered the more serious underlying issues within our student body and administration.

Help us end inequality in SGA and create an all-inclusive environment for all students who dwell in the gates of TSU!

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