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Free Dr. Shakeel Afridi and allow him to come to the USA with his family

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December 9, 2012/ Muharram 25, 1434
First, let me state that it is a FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT
to peaceably assemble, and to petition Government for
a redress of grievances. Petition tampering or throttling
is a First Amendment violation. Government officials in
the United States are hereby enjoined from such conduct.
Dr. Shakeel Afridi was sentenced to 33 years in prison, amounting
to harsh confinement, on May 23, 2012, by a court of law in Pakistan.
Dr. Afridi, about 50 years old, is rightly credited with playing the
key role - and a brave role - in enabling the capture of the
world's number one terr0r!st.
US Representative Dana Rohrabacher has
sponsored HR 4069, to award a
Congressional Gold Medal to
Dr. Afridi, and Representative
Rohrbacher has also sponsored
H.R. 3901, to award Dr. Afridi
the status of naturalized
US Citizen. By the time Dr. Afridi
is able to collect his gold medal
and be handed his US Passport,
he will be in his mid-eighties,
and he will have been deprived of
what should have been the best
years of his life.
The negotiating techniques of the
United States in this context are insulting
to Pakistan, as such tactics would be to
any sovereign country - especially an ally
and partner of the United States.
These tactics should be replaced with
a quid pro quo arrangement which respects
equality between nations and the rules of
normal diplomacy.
Pakistan is entitled, under those rules, to
ask the United States to grant an equal and
equivalent favor of equal value, in exchange
for the consideration of freeing Dr. Shakeel
Afridi. As long as the United States presents
one ultimatum after another, of course Pakistan
will say no - even though the request of the
United States for the freedom of the good Doctor
is something that would be in the interests of
both the United States and Pakistan and many
other countries, to be granted immediately.
Scott Davis was also prosecuted in much the
same way as Dr. Afridi was, and harsly treated
in a way which resulted in the unjust pillaging of
over 33 years of the priceless written music of
Scott Davis - a cultural treasure which is
irreplaceable. It is time for the United States
Government to own up to this tragedy and to
make up for it, rather than to continue to try
to cover up and to even go so far as to justify
the actions of corrupt officials and the contractors
who acted wrongfully at the behest of corrupt
state and municipal officials in Pennsylvania.
It is time for both the United States and Pakistan
to restore justice to two men of good character
and completely innocent actions, who deserve to
be better treated, and who have benefited humanity.
It is time for serious negotiations to begin without
delay between the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan
and the US State Department, for a solution to
this diplomatic standoff which is mutually
acceptable to the Governments of Pakistan
and the United States, as well as mutually
acceptable to both Scott Davis and Dr.
Shakeel Afridi.

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