End and Demand Justice for Police Brutality in Nigeria

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In Nigeria, civilians mostly youths are being extorted, raped, tortured, and killed by police officers who are members of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad – SARS and many more e.g IRT squad, IGP squad, State CID and many more.
Even criminals now disguise has police forces because we can’t question them anymore, we are being forcefully arrested, tortured and framed.

Victims of these crimes are still waiting for justice because the anti-torture law meant to provide justice is not being enforced. Take action now to end impunity and demand the reform of police in Nigeria.

For years, human rights organizations and the media have documented and reported cases of extrajudicial killings, torture, and other ill-treatment committed by SARS and several other forms of police officers. Our latest report “Nigeria: Time to end impunity” shows that despite a law criminalizing torture which was passed in December 2017, SARS officers continue to act with impunity as if they are above the law.