Administratively divide Punjab Province of Pakistan into 2 provinces.

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Punjab is the largest province of Islamic Republic of Pakistan by its population of morethen 110 millions. It is very difficult to handle such a large province administratively. Not only a large number of people living in Punjab All other provinces of Pakistan are also facing many problems. Due to its large volume in National assembly and a huge amount in financial budget of Pakistan the people of other provinces have ethical hate against Punjab province, and this hate is rappedly changing into anti state mindset. which is so dangerous for the federation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Due to not good handling of a so much large province an other dangerous mindset is spreading in the province. That is deferences between prevaileged and non-prevaileged areas people. people of southern part of Punjab blam that northern punjab is responsible of depriving them. Nearly 60millions population is living in southern part of province. and it is also a hard truth that morethen 93% of people are living very hard life due to poverty. illiteracy, unemployment and undeveloped infrastructure. All these problems are due to administrative problems.

Now a days deferent voices are being raised from southren part of the province to devide Punab province. Some of them are demanding linguistic province, some are demanding by casts and some are demanding geographic province in Punjab. all these demands are not good for federation of Pakistan. Because if this will happen, more voices will raise from other part of country to separat them by language, by cast or by geography. and its not possible to afford such separation in country. 

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