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To Stop Discrimination of Native Americans:
1. The United States should adopt the United Nations Declaration of RIGHTS of INDIGENOUS PEOPLES.

2. Native American tribes are Indigenous Peoples to the United States, and have been discriminated against to this day, especially in recognizing that they actually exist. See

3. Any Native American tribe that is not Recognized by the Federal Gov’t, but existed before the Dawes Rolls, and still exists, should be recognized by the Federal Government.

4. Tribal nations should deal nation-to-nation with the Dept. of State, who is more equipped to deal with nations than the Dept. of Interior. Dept. of State should determine Federal Recognition of Native American tribes (not BIA).

5. Let the tribes generate business and have freedom of religion without having to ask the Federal Gov’t.

6. Transfer land and money held in 'trust', back to the tribes.

7. If Bureau of Indian Affairs can be eliminated, a cost savings of 27 billion in 10 yrs, can be realized.

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