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Shine a Star until New Legislation is Passed that Addresses Gun Violence

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Since the Newtown tragedy occurred on December 14th, we have been overwhelmed by media coverage and details about the event. But importantly, a majority of Americans indicate they support passing new laws addressing gun violence. To demonstrate our opinions, we need to take coordinated action to signal to our representatives that we want change now – at the beginning of the 113th Congressional Session.

Americans universally mourn the loss of their fellow citizens by senseless, irrational and random gun violence. Certainly the recent deadly Sandy Hook tragedy cuts deep into our psyche when we lose 20 five and six year old children and six talented and valued adults. The action that took these lives was depraved and unfathomable and shakes us to our core. To remember and mourn those whose lives were taken through this senseless violence and, at the same time, send a message to our legislative representatives that we want immediate and expanded regulations enacted that address gun violence, we propose a coordinated action of “Shine a Star”.

This “Shine a Star” concept was conceived at a recent MoveOn-sponsored candlelight vigil held in Hawaii on December 15th. With President Obama and his family expected to visit the O’ahu island shortly, we hope to attract his and his family’s attention to this effort. To achieve the dual objective of remembrance and change, we encourage all Americans, including our First Family, to “Shine a Star” at their homes and keep them lighted and displayed year-round until new gun violence legislation is enacted by Congress.

We ask that you take personal action by not only “Shining a Star” at your home but also by utilizing your own email and social media contacts and asking everyone you know to do the same ~ “Shine a Star”. It is not necessary to have an electric star, but if you have one that you use in your holiday decorations, keep it lighted and shining after the holiday season, until change is achieved. Also you can create a star to put in your window. Work with your children. Make it an important project and decorate it with glitter or sparkles to catch the light. Prominently display the Star in your window or on your front door where everyone will readily see it.

We hope the Shining Stars will grow in numbers across the county and create a new nationwide Star network in the night sky. The silent message of the Shining Stars will be – ENOUGH! Our lighted and shining Stars will not be turned off until our children and the people of this nation are protected from future senseless killing perpetrated by gun violence.
Please sign this petition committing that you support new gun violence regulations, that you will ask your family and friends to support new gun legislation and that you will Shine a Star on your home until this needed new gun legislation is passed.

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