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Xcel Energy’s Pawnee coal plant is standing in the way of Colorado’s clean energy future. In 2010, Pawnee emitted millions of tons of climate change fueling CO2, and thousands of tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide that cause asthma and smog. While wildfires blaze along the front range, every year, Pawnee consumes over 143 million gallons of precious water.

Now, Xcel is asking Colorado energy customers to hand over $236 million to keep Pawnee open, even as the cost of coal soars and thousands of megawatts of shovel-ready wind and solar projects wait for a green light.

Enough. Tell Xcel CEO David L Eves that his company needs to retire Pawnee and make smart investments in wind, solar, and energy efficiency.

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Letter to
President and CEO, Public Service Company of Colorado David L Eves
I just signed the following petition addressed to: David L Eves, Xcel CEO.

Spending hundreds of millions of ratepayer dollars to extend the life of a coal plant is a bad decision for the environment, your customers, and your bottom line. Coal prices are soaring and Colorado is emerging as a hub for renewable energy development. Xcel Energy should ditch its plans to prop up old coal plants and invest in clean energy for the future


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