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Allow us to use direct democracy

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We seem like a country whose citizens employ democracy. Even though the impression is that we get to pick our own president, we do not. There are explicit examples (President Bush jr. and his reelection) that prove we do not actually pick our presidents, not to mention what other choices are being wrongfully made for us.
Back before trains, cars, phones and computers, we needed representatives to represent what and who their people (districts, etc.) wanted. Today, even when a MAJORITY do or do not vote for their president, our "represenatives" can override our vote, somehow having more weight in their vote which is soppost to represent our vote. When the two percentages do not match up, our representatives are clearly not doing their job.
The fact that votes from individuals hired to represnt us which do not match our collective vote and then override our vote makes no sense. We are soppost to choose our president- we are soppost to be directly democratic. Once we were able to distribute and recieve voting pamphlets from EVERYONE, the time for represntatives to also vote for us should be over. They can vote for other measures (though they are not doing there job if their votes contast greatly to their peoples), but for something as important as our head of state- this is OUR dicision, and their legal expertise over ours is only as weighty as their potential for corruption.

Give us our democratic vote back!

And, count everyone who turns in a vote, not just those who agree with you.

Anything less would make a mockary of American Freedom and Democarcy.

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