Keep city withouth traffic caused by poor street repair planning

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We residents and participants of the city Łódź are asking for the renovation of the surface and increasing the safety of users.

Currently, the roads are in a terrible condition threatening the health and life of users. Throughout the whole of the aforementioned section of the road after winter, so many holes and cavities have been created that it prevents safe use of the road. At the turn of the year, PK Szkolenia Elbląg refused to transport children from Stare Grądki due to the tragic condition of the surface and a huge gap in the side of the road. Holes have been patched but it did not help for long because at the moment the road looks worse. On the most roads, the sides of the road collapsed to such an extent that a huge hump was created in the middle by which several users have already damaged their vehicles. On the section Grużajny - Stare Grądki there is a huge problem with drainage and the water flows through the road, destroying the surface, what has been documented by fitaktiv. The road is in a tragic condition and temporary patching with ready mass will not help, because there are too many defects. Currently, the finances of the Godkowo Commune do not allow for joint participation in the costs of such a large investment, so please make it possible for the Elbląg Poviat to make all efforts to obtain funds for renovation in higher-level local government units or some projects.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to make every effort to improve the comfort and safety of using the road, which is our only access to schools or work. Please, as soon as possible, start the procedure of creating the project and building permits, and use it if possible and not to repeat the situation that money can be obtained but the conditions are not met due to the lack of documentation.

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