Protect Concord Center's Unique Character - Vote YES! on Article 29

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Protect Concord Center's Unique Character - Vote YES! on Article 29 at Town Meeting, April 8 - 11, 2019.

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Last year you signed a petition asking the Town of Concord, Massachusetts to protect the unique character of historic Concord Center with a ‘Formula Business Bylaw with Caps’, which would provide a limit on the number of formula businesses that can operate in the village center at any one time.  THANK YOU!

Owing to the united power of your voices, the Town has taken action -- the Planning Board has unanimously recommended a proposed Formula Business Bylaw with Caps to 2019 Town Meeting.

Concord residents will now have the opportunity to VOTE YES! on ARTICLE 29 next week to enact a Formula Business Bylaw.   Town Meeting is scheduled for Monday through Thursday, April 8 - 11, 7pm.

Article 29 needs a two-thirds majority vote to pass -- so, Concord residents, please plan to attend Town Meeting and make your YES vote count !  It's unclear which night Article 29 is coming up for a vote, so please plan on coming both Monday and Tuesday nights (and possibly Wed), so you don't miss the vote.

Please share this link with your Concord friends to encourage them to vote !

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