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Preserve the Palace of Fine Arts for the ARTS : Reject All Current Proposals for Development

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On November 19th, 2015, despite presentation of a petition that had gathered more than 20,000 signatures, The San Francisco Recreation and Parks Commission voted to move forward in the process to develop the historic Palace of Fine Arts and award a long term lease 40+ years to the developer. The three finalist proposals include two hotels and a restaurant/ history museum. 

At the overflow public meeting, many citizens asked that the site NOT be developed as a Hotel or Restaurant. Although one of the Commissioners expressed disappointment that there were only seven initial RFCPs submitted, the process is moving forward.

 A Hotel or Restaurant is clearly an inappropriate use of this historic arts and education space.

WE, the undersigned, respectfully request that ALL plans and proposals submitted for redevelopment of the site during this process be rejected IMMEDIATELY and that you:

Prohibit hotel, office, housing, restaurant or primarily commercial use except as a necessary compliment to primary NON-COMMERCIAL use.
Permit use ONLY for artistic, cultural, historical, educational non-commercial activities. 
Require the City of San Francisco Park & Rec to immediately allocate funds to provide all necessary repair, maintenance and structural upgrades as envisioned by the RFP or otherwise required now and in the future to maintain the Palace.

Background : 

In 2014, the SF Rec and Park put out a Request for Concept Proposal (RFCP) to redevelop the Palace of Fine Arts. From the beginning, parameters for the proposal had to include $20 million in "deferred maintenance." This ensured that only the most deep pocketed, passionate, and/or visionary would be submitting an RFCP for consideration. They received only seven concept proposals.  

Public comment was solicited and the process moved forward.

Citizen statement : "From the beginning (of this process,)  Rec and Park...asserts a need for $20mil in repairs. This is "chump change" for a developer of a hotel or restaurant getting a long term lease...It is chump change for a City with a budget of close to $9 billion that just got voter approval to borrow another $310 million to provide subsidized housing. Why can't the City take care of its own property?" 

 Do not allow this iconic public asset to be leased to the highest bidder. 

 Preserve the Palace of Fine Arts for the Arts!

#PeopleforthePalace #PalaceofFineArts


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