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Preserve the Lead Ban for sport fishing and hunting

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The science is clear. Lead is one of the most toxic elements in our environment. Years ago, our government banned the use of lead in paint and gasoline because it was proven to be a dangerous neurotoxin. Our government recently took another important step to protect our publicly-managed lands and waterways by banning the use of lead-based fish and game materials over the next 5 years.

This directive sparked immediate opposition from the National Rifle Association and certain sportsman groups. They are teaming up to petition Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to repeal this directive as soon as possible. This is a terrible idea.

There are high-performance alternatives to lead-based hunting and fishing materials on the market today. Ammo manufacturers have been leaving lead at the smelters for years because the alloy replacements have better ballistics, more accuracy and do not leave toxic lead fragments in hunted game. There are also fishing sinker and lure manufactures who are using lead-free alloys and concrete as replacements for toxic lead. This proves that fish and game Sportsman can enjoy their pastimes without leaving a toxic trail in their wake.

No matter what the NRA says, allowing recreational dumping of toxic lead into public waterways and woodlands IS NOT a second amendment issue. It’s a health and environment issue. And we must protect the the health of our public lands and waterways.

If you believe that we should eliminate environmental lead deposits in our food chain and waterways, sign this petition today to tell Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to PRESERVE the lead ban on hunting ammunition and fishing tackle.

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