Preserve the Buffalo Outer Harbor on Lake Erie as Public Parklands

Preserve the Buffalo Outer Harbor on Lake Erie as Public Parklands

October 7, 2014
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New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo
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Started by Friends of Times Beach

Visitors to Niagara Falls find the Niagara River from there south to Lake Erie bordered on its east side by highways, ugly industrial development and private property. Now proposals before the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation (ECHDC) call for privatizing the nearby shore of Lake Erie as well by erecting many multi-story condominiums and commercial buildings there. (The photo above shows part of the developers' mock-up and indicates the kind of building proposed.)

We feel that this waterfront property represents a significant aspect of our national heritage and that it should be protected for public access and for historical, environmental and educational purposes. Proposals to this effect have been put forward by groups such as the Western New York Environmental Alliance, but current developer proposals appear to be fast-tracked for approval.

This northeast corner of Lake Erie is also an important resting area for migrating birds in spring before and in fall after they pass over urban Buffalo. Well over 200 species have been recorded here. Multistory buildings in this location would lead to heavy mortality for many nighttime avian migrants.

We see this not just as a local or even a state problem; rather, we see it as of national concern. This area is important to our nation's history and its conservation role affects us all. We invite your support in our efforts to save this valuable property for our posterity and we urge you to let others know about our petition.

Petition Closed

This petition had 2,806 supporters

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