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Save The Internet

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The FCC has recently voted to repeal net neutrality. And yes, that is a big deal.

What is net neutrality?

To put it simply, net neutrality allows us to communicate freely online and the idea to destroy it would allow companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon to decide who is heard and who isn’t. 

What happens without net neutrality?

Well, several things...without net neutrality, companies would be able to block content that competes with their own content. Do you watch Netflix? That could soon be another higher extra charge on your bill or be blocked altogether. How about Hulu? Yep, that option could be gone or overpriced too. The same goes for messaging apps, email, social media, music apps and more. Net neutrality keeps everyone and every piece of content on a level playing field. 

Without net neutrality, companies could force your favorite websites into a slow lane, force you to pay more to view the content of your choice or block it altogether.

In rural communities and states like West Virginia, repealing net neutrality will have severe effects on the options customers have when deciding on an internet service provider. 

In a society that is dominated by massive amounts of information on the internet, we cannot allow access to be hindered by greedy companies.

We MUST save the internet. 


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