Preserve mature woodland classification at 1919 Mason Road in Town & Country, MO

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Dear Fellow Town and Country Residents,

We are writing to you out of sincere concern after the Town and Country Planning and Zoning Commission meeting of February 22nd regarding the proposed development at 1919 South Mason Road. Approval of this proposal would drastically reduce the permanent open space currently delineated on the record plat.

In 2013, the 40+ acre lot at 1919 South Mason Road was subdivided into two separate parcels. The subdivision process included a natural resource study which classified 32.6 acres of the original lot as mature woodlands. Per municipal code, 19.5 acres, or 60% of the mature woodland area was designated as protected permanent open space. In order to facilitate the sale of the back lot and the consequent construction of a single family residence there, the bulk of the protected space was concentrated on the front lot.

Rob Rehnquist of Rehnquist Design & Build currently has the front lot, which retained the 1919 address, under contract. Mr. Rehnquist is proposing to eliminate the mature woodland classification, effectively cutting the protected open space on the lot in half. The spirit of the code is clear—to protect the beautiful arboreal character of our city by establishing guidelines for development which remain conscientious of the balance between developed land and natural green space.

Allowing Mr. Rehnquist to proceed with the proposed development would set a dangerous precedent and undermine the spirit of the municipal code. It would effectively allow for wholesale deletion of protected open space through multiple subdivisions of existing acreage. To protect the beautiful character of our city, please add your signature below and join fellow residents in opposition of the proposed development.


By signing , the following residents of the City of Town and Country express their explicit opposition to the development of the tract of land commonly known as 1919 South Mason Road as currently proposed by Rehnquist Design & Build. Specifically, the residents are opposed to:  

1) The re-classification of 32.6 acres from mature woodland (as established by a 2013 natural resource study) to young woodland. The re-drawing of permanent open space boundaries as established during the 2013 subdivision of said property

2) The undersigned residents believe the proposed development undermines the spirit of our city’s municipal code and threatens the preservation of the city’s arboreal character.

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