Preserve Cedarburg's Historic Neighborhoods - Reject Big Box High Density Apartments

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Cedarburg has long been admired by tourists and residents as a community that meets the needs of modern citizens while respecting and celebrating the heritage of the ancestors who founded the unique community.  While other cities set goals of "placemaking" as they contemplate their future goals and direction, Cedarburg enjoys a unique sense of "hometown" identity with a human-scale experience of walkable neighborhoods and tightknit communities formed over generations of service, dedication and historical preservation. Its residents enjoy Cedarburg as a quiet refuge and they welcome countless visitors to its festivals, events and historic downtown landmarks as they seek a reprieve from the congestion and hassles of big city living.  It's a place unlike any other, but now it's under attack.

Special interests seek to redefine the gateway to Cedarburg's historical district with massive big box apartments.

The City of Cedarburg has been asked to greenlight a project that will redefine Cedarburg for future generations.  The vision for redevelopment of the St. Francis Borgia school and church grounds, If approved, will usher in a new era of big box development for the city.  The largest landmarks in Cedarburg's 150-year-old downtown will no longer be stone-walled mills, storefronts or historic churches.  Instead, visitors to Cedarburg will be greeted by monolithic apartment complexes surrounded by seas of paved parking lots.  The quiet homes of the neighborhood will be dwarfed by 45 foot tall complexes that straddle lot lines and are filled with many dozens of apartments that stand stories taller than any of their neighboring structures.

This vision of development is right out of Milwaukee's downtown apartment boom and the developers behind the Cedarburg proposal state openly that the massive scale of this project is driven by profit motivation, without concern for the needs and concerns expressed by the neighborhoods it will dominate.

It's time to stand up for historic Cedarburg.

Tell the Mayor of Cedarburg and the Cedarburg City Council that you oppose apartment complex development in downtown Cedarburg.

The Cedarburg Common Council will vote on the issue on January 9, 2017.

Among the many items requested:

A massive 63% increase in density compared to the current maximums allowed:

Public Hearing No. 1: Request to amend the Comprehensive Land Use Plan to allow 26.2 housing units per acre instead of the maximum of the 16.1 housing units per acre that is currently allowable.

Special permissions to allow developers to exceed height, size and setback restrictions that protect Cedarburg's neighborhoods from lot-crowding overbuilding and big box complexes:

Public Hearing No. 2: Request to rezone the subject properties from I-1 Institutional and Public Service District to Rm-2/PUD Multiple-Family Residential and to allow construction that otherwise would violate 8 zoning requirements.

Precedent-setting removal of a designated building from Cedarburg's historical district:

Public Hearing No. 3: Request to rezone the property to remove the rectory building from the Washington Avenue HPD Historic Preservation Overlay District to allow developers to demolish the building that is currently part of the Cedarburg historic district.

To the Mayor and City Council of the City of Cedarburg:

It's time to stand up and oppose development projects that seek special favors in the name of profits at the expense of Cedarburg's cultural heritage and way of life. 

Join us in welcoming development that abides by the Cedarburg zoning and ordinances that protect our admired neighborhoods and quality of life.  Demand that future projects fit the scale, materials, vertical form, horizontal form, mass and architectural character of the community. Protect the historic nature of our city by respecting the guidance of sensible guidelines for historically respectful infill developments that promote cohesive, unifying and appropriate architectural character in a city nationally recognized for its historic identity.

Lead the way in providing responsive leadership that is sensitive to the needs of the community above the needs of outside interests.

Join your neighbors and constituents in strongly opposing the Proposed Land Use Plan Amendment and the re-zoning requests under consideration for the St. Francis Borgia property. 

Vote No this January 9, 2017.