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Amory Park is one of Brookline's most treasured green spaces and is used by a multitude of our residents. Any construction at Amory would significantly diminish the quality of life for all our residents, current and future.  It's worth saving. 

Letter to
Brookline School Committee, B-SPACE Mr. Alan Morse
Brookline Board of Selectmen Mr. Kenneth Goldstein
Brookline Board of Selectmen Mr. Neil Wishinsky
and 20 others
B-SPACE Ms. Katherine Craven
B-SPACE Mr. George Cole
B-SPACE Mr. Philip Kramer
B-SPACE Mr. Mike Sandman
B-SPACE Mr. Mel Kleckner
B-SPACE, Supt. of Brookline Schools Dr. Bill Lupini
B-SPACE Mr. Fred Wang
Brookline Board of Selectmen Mr. Richard W. Benka
Brookline Board of Selectmen Ms. Nancy Daly
Brookline School Committee Ms. Susan Wolf Ditkoff
Brookline School Committee Mr. P.H. Benjamin Chang
Brookline School Committee Ms. Helen Charlupski
Brookline School Committee Ms. Abby Cox
Brookline School Committee Ms. Amy Kershaw
Brookline School Committee Mr. David Pollak
Brookline School Committee Ms. Barbara Scotto
Brookline School Committee Ms. Rebecca Stone
Brookline Board of Selectman, B-SPACE Ms. Betsy DeWitt
Brookline School Committee Ms. Robin Coyne
B-SPACE Ms. Lisa Crossley
I am writing to voice my disagreement with the consideration of Amory Park as a site for a new school and to urge you to reconsider taking valuable green space from residents in Brookline's densest areas. I am proud of our exceptional school system AND proud as well of our commitment to preservation. Amory is a daily visit for all ages of people from all walks of life and sacrificing one of our most precious assets under any circumstances would be a mistake.

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