Preserve Access to NYC Parks for Softball Players

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Al Morales
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The tradition of playing softball and baseball in New York City dates back more than 150 years, but a new policy being implemented by the Manhattan parks permit office threatens to eliminate softball players' access to softball fields. Softball League organizers have received official notice only weeks before the fall season is to start and three months after applications were submitted that: “Soccer, Football, Rugby and Ultimate Frisbee are priority for the fall season. All other sports will be reviewed and approved if space and fields permit.”

We respect other sports, and welcome increased participation in an active lifestyle and full utilization of park resources, however the elimination of fall softball will impact tens of thousands of New Yorkers who enjoy a softball game after a day of work. We are asking for a level playing field and the same access to the park that is being made available to soccer, football, rugby and frisbee. Please join us by signing our petition.