Preserve Access to NYC Parks for Softball and Baseball Players

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Preserve Access to NYC Parks for Softball and Baseball Players

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United Athletic Association started this petition to City Council Parks Committee Chair Shekar Krishnan and

UAA is devoted to making sure that every available field is used to further physical activity for all ages, not diminish it. Whether it’s playing softball, soccer, kickball, football or any other sport you love, we support your right to enjoy the city parks.

A variety of sports can coexist in our parks, we just need better management. The Parks Department has been pitting leagues against one another for years now; blaming adult leagues for shortages of fields while they keep fields idle. That hurts everyone. The main issue is the lack of transparency in the permit department and a lack of oversight by the city council. All sports should have equal opportunity and one sport shouldn’t push out another.

The solution is simple. League organizers must come together, demand transparency and demand involvement in the way fields are allocated and maintained.

The goal of this petition is to stop the Parks Department’s current unofficial practice of reclassifying fields designed for a specific sport and denying permits for the sports meant to be played on those fields. The permit office needs to be transparent about how they are running the department and must allow some public input on how field space is allocated.

Please take a minute and sign this petition—together we can make the Parks Department permit office transparent. Help us make NYC Parks safe, fun, and fair for all sports and players.


Can you imagine New York City, the home of the Mets and the Yankees, without anywhere to play baseball or softball? It can and it is happening. Right now, as predicted, the Manhattan Parks Permits Office removed and replaced active softball and baseball leagues with other sports without the proper or sufficient notification.
For the past 150 years, baseball and softball are the traditional games of New York City. Today, the elimination of softball impacts tens of thousands of New Yorkers who enjoy a good game after a hard day of work.
Check out our videos ( of rectangular fields specially designed for multiple sports, sitting idle while oval fields for softball and baseball leagues are being destroyed.

We need and demand a level playing field. We are demanding a Public Hearing.

Please join us by signing the petition below. You can also email at or call 914.302.6831. Thank you.


Imagínate una ciudad como Nueva York, la cuna de los Mets y los Yankees, sin un lugar adonde jugar béisbol y softbol. Es cierto. Hoy en dia, la oficina del Manhattan Parks Permits Office han eliminado y reemplazado ligas activas de softbol y béisbol con otros deportes sin la suficiente o apropiada notificación.
Tradicionalmente, softbol y béisbol han sido los juegos de esta gran manzana por los últimos 150 años. Hoy en dia, la eliminación de softbol y béisbol impacta a decenas de miles de Nuyorquinos quien disfrutan de un buen juego después de un dia fuerte de trabajo.
Vea nuestros videos ( de campos rectangulares especialmente diseñados para múltiples deportes, inactivos mientras se destruyen campos ovalados para ligas de béisbol y softbol.Necesitamos y exigimos igualdad de condiciones.  
Exigimos una audiencia pública. Por favor de unirse con nosotros firmando la petición colgada abajo. Nos puedes enviar un correo electrónico al o llamarnos al 914.302.6831. Muchisimas gracias.

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This petition had 2,077 supporters

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