It was really tuff! Most of 'em were tricky questions &even thought it was out of syllabus

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They are too human beings. Put tricky questions upto a limit but don't cross the limit.......

You people(those who prepare the questions) know the answer so you think it can be solved within 2-5min. But for XII graders it's not like that , 1st of all they're tensed much ever we say they're not they are.........

We need to try to understand the students. Moreover, only one day was given for revising the entire one year full portions. No moderations too .....can imagine how much more tensed will they be. Especially when I saw the question paper section-c was having more number of tricky question..

Within three hours time how much will you think the kids can that reading time when they read the questions itself half of their confidence level is brought down and the tension is brought high..........please think it over

*Linient corrections should be given to the students!!!!!*