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say No to youth smokers!

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did you know that there were teenagers who can buy a a stick of tobacco without being caught?

Teenagers nowadays were prone in smoking. But how and when did they learn how to use a stick of tobacco? First it’s either they learn it from their own home. Parents using cigarettes’ unknowingly influence their own child from using it too. Not literally but remember, what a child sees in his parents actions were right. Second, from the circle of friends, we all know what is a peer pressure was and how it affects the individuals’ action. Third, from the society itself, the society using Tabaco as a social trend, so as an individual, you will also use Tabaco to be “in” in the trend. Lastly, the most dangerous of all is the curiosity. Being curious why people like using it, how it taste like, smells like, the texture and etc. These are the main reasons why people using it. And I forgot, addiction is one of the reasons too.

            According to the statistics conducted by The Sunstar, 14% of Filipino smokers where youth, and most especially, Philippines rank 15th to have youth as Tabaco users and consumers. Whether we like it or not, the inflating numbers of youth Tabaco users where already uncontrollable. Each day, there will be new users, an unending cycle. But as a fellow youth I believe we can do something to lessen these numbers. We could gather information’s about the effects of using Tabaco and disseminate it in using our own little ways. Talking to our friends, disseminate info using social media and seminars about how cigarettes affect our lives. Let’s remember that the users are not just the victim here. Everyone! Were the second hand cigarette users too. So in other words it affects our lives in one way or another. Let’s help each and every one of us about the consequences of using it. How it affects their body. Their family and their own society.

            Our body is our own wealth, and we must treasure it. And remember we can treasure it, if nobody’s harming it!


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