Petition for the On-time and Complete Distribution of Text Books in Public Schools

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One of the major problems of the students is how to budget their daily allowance. Students should be penny-wise when it comes in spending their money everyday at school. For elementary students, the average daily allowance that they get from their parents ranges from Php 30 to Php 50, for the high school students is, from Php 50 to Php 200, and for the college students is, from Php 100 to Php 300. Still, it depends to each student's social and economic status.

In relation to this, photocopying is a new trend. Not just students are too lazy to write it down in their notebooks, but because the Department of Education was incapable to suffice all the needed learning materials of the students at the public schools. It is not just the students whose necessities are being sacrificed but also of the teachers who do not have a learning references to make their job a bit easier. Also, as we all know, although our technology is very helpful to us students and to everyone else, fake and unreliable sources are everywhere the web. The on-time and complete distribution of the needed text books at the public schools will help lessen that factor of obtaining false information especially to the students. In addition to that, not every student can afford to browse in the internet just to search for their assignment everyday.

As the owner of this petition, I happened to be stocked in the same situation that’s why I have come up to this idea in order to present these things that will help not just me as the petitioner but also all the other students who are studying in public schools.

To our reputable President Rodrigo Duterte, who's always been into shaping and sharpening the implementation of the laws, sir, may this petition be our message of asking for your help. I know you have the power and so we are asking for the implementation of this petition. 

To the Department of Education, I don’t intend to insult nor question your leadership, rather, this petition serves as a wake-up call and for you to understand the students’ sufferings and also, I hope this petition will serve as our message for you to implement a better and translucent kind of leadership.

Lastly, to the students who will sign this petition, whether or not you are a dear student of any public school in our country, may this be a sign for you to do your best at school and to understand our situation. By signing this petition we can have a brighter and better future together. 

Thank you very much and To God be all the Glory!

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