Strip Saracens of the Premiership Rugby titles they won whilst breaking the rules

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In November 2019, an independent disciplinary panel found that Saracens Rugby Club had breached Premiership Rugby's salary cap for the past three seasons and failed to disclose payments to senior players. The club were Premiership champions in each of the seasons they broke the rules.

The scale of the breach was unprecedented, resulting in the highest points sanction possible within the salary cap regulations. It's arguably the worst scandal to ever hit the sport.

But crucially, Saracens have kept the titles they unfairly won. The sanctions - a £5.4m fine and a 35-point deduction - were only applied to the current 2019/20 season.

We'll never truly know who would have won the league if everybody was competing on a level playing field, as the salary cap is designed to ensure. Saracens broke the rules, gained an unfair advantage over their rivals and sullied the league in the process. The integrity of the Premiership in those 3 years is forever tarnished.

One of rugby's core values, taught to children who pick up the sport at age 5, is sportsmanship. One of Saracens' own core values is honesty. They have failed to live up to either and should not be rewarded for breaking the rules.

All players, coaches, staff and supporters of English rugby are affected by this.

Premiership Rugby should strip Saracens of the Premiership titles won whilst breaking the rules.


About me: I have been a passionate follower of English domestic rugby for 25 years. I am starting this petition because I want to protect the integrity of this wonderful game and keep Premiership Rugby a level playing field for all. I believe money should not be able to buy success in sport.