Change Fraser Island's name back to K'gari Island

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For 40,000 years the world's largest sand island was known by the name "K'gari Island" meaning "beautiful place.  The name was disregarded in favour of "Fraser Island" paying tribute and honouring English woman Elizabeth Fraser who was onboard a vessel named " The Stirling Castle"who her husband was the captain of. The vessel became shipwrecked off the north of the Island in May 1836.

Elizabeth Fraser was kept alive by the local indigenous population known as the Butchulla people, and survived.  However she claimed her innocence was degraded by the treatment of the Indigenous people, other survivors disputed her claims but she was hailed a hero for her tale of survival and the Island was officially named in her honour "Fraser Island", her claims lead to the massacre and dispossession of the Butchulla people.

That is who is the world's largest sand island is named after, that is why the name K'gari island has been disregarded.  We believe nobody had the right to rename K'gari Island it already had a name. 

While in some cases dual names are used to refer to the island, it's official name remains Fraser Island and this petition is to officially change the name back to it's original name K'gari Island.