Extension on motorcycle learners license during the pandemic.

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In the province of B.C., ICBC regulation for retaining a motorcycle license is to pass a written test, a parking lot test and a road test all within 1 year.  There are many people that have paid for and passed the written test, paid upwards of $700 for an ICBC accredited course and passed the parking lot test and had booked the road test just to have it cancelled because of Covid 19.  We understand the reasoning for closure but after speaking to ICBC, we were told that all that cost and effort to get our license in a timely manner is all for not and we would have to start all over again when the lockdown is over.
For us, that is a hardship financially and emotionally.  If our learners expires soon, that means no riding throughout prime season.  No practicing.  for some it is the only economic mode of transportation.  For many of us during this difficult time it keeps us socially distant yet a much needed mental health outlet.  
what we are asking is for an extension on our learners for 6 - 8 months.