Keep Hobart's Treasury buildings in public ownership!

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The State Government wants to sell our grand, historic, sandstone Treasury buildings. These are some of Hobart’s oldest and most beautiful heritage assets. They are owned by all of us.

The government and the tourism industry hopes they sell to the highest bidder and become a high-end hotel. But why follow in the footsteps of every other Australian capital and turn our Treasury buildings into a flash hotel? The future of these buildings shouldn't be about a quick cash grab to help the state government's bank balance.

These iconic buildings dating from 1823 in the heart of Hobart's CBD are an amazing opportunity to do something unique and in the public interest. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Government to create an inclusive public place that appeals to both visitors and locals.

It would be the perfect location to have a colonial art gallery, a visitor information centre, cafes, commercial space, and a library for housing and displaying our special heritage collections. The community has many ideas on ways to utilise these buildings and they should have a say in their future.

ASK Premier Will Hodgman to cancel plans for selling these buildings and instead keep them in public ownership.