PEI Government MUST CREATE & PASS legislation to protect, tax paying, mini-home homeowners

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Homeowners in Prince Edward Island mobile home parks deserve the same protections afforded, by law, to all other island homeowners who are forced from their homes for land development. 

Some other regions of Canada have brought in legislation to protect the investments of homeowners who live in mini-home parks. The Prince Edward Island Government has a responsibility to do the same and protect all of its tax paying citizens. 

Residents of Heritage Park are aware that it is too late to protect their homes/investments. There are seven remaining mini-home parks in Summerside and they may all face the same fate as residents of Heritage Park. There is a ZERO vacancy rate for low income housing in Charlottetown. The options are not much better in Summerside. Displaced senior citizens have been told that there are 200 ahead of them on the waiting list for Summerside’s affordable seniors units. Heritage Park homeowners are being offered pennies on the dollar of the value of their homes and many feel trapped into taking these paultry offers as there are almost no vacancies in other parks. Most tenants don’t have the financial resources to buy, service, and move their homes to their own land. Most financial institutions don’t want to lend money for raw land that will be used to house an older mini-home. The many displaced senior citizens and low income tenants don’t qualify for loans. 

Prince Edward Island Government must create legislation to protect the remaining seven mini-home parks in Summerside, as well as those in other communities.

Eviction notice must be extended from the current: six months,  to at least one year. Current park owners and developers must be obligated to provide financial compensation to homeowners when they evict those tenants in order to redevelope/change designation of land. There has to be financial compensation for relocating mini-homes. When there are no options for relocation, park owners must be obligated to provide financial compensation to the homeowners for the value of their investments. Park owners must also be financially responsible for the demolition costs and appraised values of homes that can’t be moved or sold. Park owners & Real Estate agents who sell homes in parks, with the knowledge of impending closure, should be required, by law, to fully disclose this information or face stiff penalties. 

Please sign and share this petition. Encourage the Prince Edward Island Government to protect all islanders.