Premier: Stop excluding police who’ve suicided from remembrance wall

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I was truly shocked when I found out. The names of officers who suicide whilst serving are rejected from the police remembrance wall in SA. This discrimination against those who take their own life is disgusting and unfair.
I’m the wife of a police officer. My husband lost a  colleague, and friend, tragically recently. This is how I found out about this awful policy - this man will not be recognised for his years of service and bravery and the others before him as that thin blue line gets thinner.
I live in fear of getting a knock at my door. Suicide within SA Police is getting worse - yet they continue to sweep these deaths under the rug.
My husband has been a police officer for 13 years - his colleagues are dying around him. Acknowledging these officers on the remembrance wall sends a strong message that it’s ok to speak about poor mental health, encourage others to reach out for help. But instead, they’re trying to hide these deaths.

In just a few weeks, NSW will reveal its new wall of remembrance for its officers, this includes those who took their own life whilst serving.
SA must follow suit - please sign and share my petition to ask the Premier to stop trying to hide police suicides.
It doesn’t matter if you’re physically or psychologically injured - all police heroes should be honoured equally.