Duplicate Elder Smith Road, Mawson Lakes now!

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Elder Smith Road and Bridge in Mawson Lakes is a huge issue raised with me and is a complex situation that State Government need to tackle immediately.

About $1.1 million was spent in 2017 duplicating a section of Elder Smith at Mawson Lakes. However as tens of thousands of vehicles are using this road each day as a connector between Salisbury Highway and Main North Road or as a local road to access their home in Mawson Lakes, something must be done!

To ease nose-to-tail traffic and improve safety following more than a dozen crashes at the site, the road should be either considered only for local traffic or duplication should occur to make it safer and faster for those using it in the community.

Therefore this petition calls upon the Liberal State and Federal Governments to act now and duplicate the road before the community suffers further.

The community support is there, now we need collaboration and funding.

Councillor Beau Brug
Contact: bbrug@salisbury.sa.gov.au