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Every day there are more & more erratic drivers on the road.  Drivers who speed, are distracted, under the influence or don't abide by the rules of the road.  Almost daily we are hearing about drivers blowing past the flashing lights of school buses.  Our children are put at risk every day because of these drivers.  This has to STOP!! 

Now you may be saying to yourself 'how can we change this & ensure the people who break this rule are charged & punished?'.  The answer is quite simple.  Installation of dash cams on all school buses.  A cam that is set up in a location so it can capture the make, model & license plate of the vehicle.  Also, installation of another barrier arm on the side of the bus is needed.  Installation of another arm will hopefully deter drivers from blowing past the bus as they will hit the arm & potentially damage their vehicle, making the question of 'who did it?' a certainty.

I remember as a child, an accident that happened when a cement truck blew past the flashing lights of the bus & struck a little boy, 5 years of age.  He was killed instantly & many lives were changed from that moment on.  This still sticks with me after 35 years & it makes my heart hurt knowing that drivers are still doing this today.

Let's hold erratic drivers who disobey school buses accountable for their actions once & for all!!!