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Alberta Government to revoke media accreditation of Rebel Media and all its personalities.

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12-18 months ago, when Albertans were debating if the Alberta Government should accredit Rebel Media, its personalities, and found Ezra Levant, Rebel Media was a social conservative activist website masquerading as news media. The "reporting" did not come close to the minimum acceptable standards of Canadian media.

In the wake of Donald Trump's rise to the American presidency, supported by alt-right media like Breitbart News and the infamous conspiracy site InfoWars, Rebel Media has veered into anti-Muslim hate, harassment of young female reporters whose work it doesn't agree with, and virulent anti-Semitism. Rebel Media personality Gavin McInnes even questioned The Holocaust. Respected Canadian conservative pundit Michael Coren wrote in the Walrus about Rebel Media and McInnes, "A monster has been set free, and I am not sure how it’s going to be pushed back into its soiled cage." 

The granting of Alberta Government media credentials presumes Rebel Media has been vetted and found satisfactory, conferring a moral legitimacy trusted by the Alberta and Canadian publics. In the wake of anti-Muslim rallies and McInnes' outrageous pro-Nazi rant on the Rebel Media website, Premier Notley has a moral obligation to revoke the media credentials of the Rebel Media "monster."

Whereas Rebel Media has demonstrated time and again that it is not news media but a political activist organization (perhaps bordering on a hate group);

Whereas Rebel Media's articles do not meet the minimum standards of the most rudimentary form of journalism;

Whereas Rebel Media has posted hateful rants against Muslims on its website and organized anti-Muslim rallies;

Whereas Rebel Media has posted an anti-Semite, pro-Nazi rant by contributor Gavin McInnes on its website;

We humbly ask Premier Notley to instruct the appropriate Alberta Government authority to revoke the accreditation of Rebel Media and to bar it from any media events, whether in person, on the telephone, by webinar, or any other means.

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