COVID-19 - Pause the property Development Application process in Western Australia

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Western Australian Premier - Push Pause on property Development Applications

At this time of humanitarian crisis, the profits of property developers are being put ahead of the health security of Western Australians. The work of processing Development Applications and the holding of Joint Development Assessment Panels (JDAP) continues. 

We are requesting an immediate pause on the processing of Development Applications on the basis that the people of Western Australia are being denied a reasonable opportunity to protest such applications in a full and democratic manner.

Meetings that we would normally attend in person include: Council meetings; information sessions;  discussions with city planners; and JDAP meetings. Such meetings are very much a hands on experience and these types of meetings are not satisfactorily held remotely.   

As you are well aware, the Prime Minister has instructed citizens to stay indoors and reduce all non-critical, non-essential activities.  Many people do not wish to travel to attend face to face meetings, even if they are held in sanitised locations where social distancing and other such methods are employed.  

We the undersigned are being responsible.  Many of us, including a number of owners of small local businesses, have taken the responsible decision to temporarily close our businesses and taken all precautions to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.  

It is disturbing to say the least that while we are taking such precautions, a people centred process - which is what town planning should be about - is continuing without the People.  We say pause the process and let us participate in full once we are through this crisis.

We request that you use discretionary powers under the Planning and Development Act 2005 to announce an immediate halt on the processing of DA’s and the holding of JDAP meetings.