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Help us with this homeless family to a home - babies born on the streets

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We have been supporting one street homeless family after another. We have one homeless family - a 43 year old mother with a 21 year old son homeless and the mum has two toddlers homeless with her, a 15 months old bub and a three year old. The mother and the 21 year old have been homeless, living rough, for seven years. The toddlers were born onto the streets.

Australians in general do not know that of Australia's officially 106,000 homeless that nearly 20,000 of the officially homeless are children aged 12 years and less. This is an abomination in a country that is the world's 12th biggest economy.

We have waited forever and a day to get this family housed, long waited in the public housing queue. So, we've thought outside of the box. We placed the 21 year old in a 5 week training to employment program. Usually, he'd be vetted and knocked back by every training program. But through Ngalla Maya Aboriginal Corporation we've created programs that take in those whom no-one else will. 

This young man, while living homeless, successfully completed the training and has begun full-time work. He now has a Cert III in Construction. We are now looking for a private housing rental for him and for his mother and his two young siblings. Because we believed in him, because of his Ngalla Maya mentors who never gave up on him he now has the opportunity to bring his family out off the streets. 

We need your help where possible - a private rental in Perth and/or assistance with bond so they are brought out off the streets sooner rather than later. And yes please challenge our Governments to build more public rental homes - Australia is 170,000 public rental houses shy of ending homelessness. 

In recent months Ngalla Maya has supported nearly 60 individuals through training to employment, nearly half are former inmates, some with more than an aggregate of 20 years incarceration, some had just walked out of prison, none having completed school, several living homeless, some with addictions when they began the training. 18 from 22 graduated, 19 from 20 graduated, 19 from 19 graduated. Some are working in remote housing construction in Jigalong, others in Perth, throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

There is no greater legacy than to change lives, to improve the lot of others to the point of saving lives.

I visited Acacia Prison outside of Perth and spoke to soon to be released inmates – about believing in themselves and that they can radically transform their lives. They had spent the prime of their life going in and out of prison, no substantive education or employment. Three days later three of them walked out of prison and on that day walked through the doors of the Ngalla Maya Aboriginal Corporation and into five week training week courses. That was 18 weeks ago. These three young men completed the training and are now employed.

Homeless on the streets means being vulnerable to various violence, sexual predation, having to move from park to park, alleyways, squats and traps. You would be shocked when in understanding of the extensiveness of homelessness, its makeup, the number of families with young children on the streets.

You can contact me to assist this one family at or 0430 657 309.







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