Western Australia to become Republic

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Due to the recent events with Clive Palmer with the backing of Scott Morrison, and the High Court Case to force our Leader to open the borders, we the people signing this petition nominate that Western Australia become Independant from the rest of Australia and become a Republic State...

Please help us by signing this petition so I can forward to the Premier The Hon Mark McGowan. 170k odd signatures were signed to keep the borders shut..If we are forced to open we no longer want to be part of the rest of Australia or under the Leadership of someone that has let us down by not supporting our Premier who has done an amazing job of keeping the State safe, had the least deaths than anywhere else in the world..

Most of us here in WA do not understand why the Prime Minister would put our lives in jeopardy like this, so if we are forced to open our borders we no longer want to be ruled by a Government that doesn't care when we have a Premier who clearly does...Mark McGowan for PM for WA