We want freedom to safely play GOLF, Go FISHING, and use our beautiful PARKS.

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We all understand that COVID 19 needs to be carefully managed, however, legislation which prevents us from enjoying the outdoors safely is counter productive to our immune system, our physical health and our mental health. This is only creating frustration and anger within our community. 

There is simply no scientific basis for stating that a person who is practicing social distancing whilst enjoying OUR parks (whether they are camping, fishing or golfing) is at any more risk of contracting Coronavirus than someone who stays at home. 

In fact, The World Health Authority suggests in its most recent directive that most transmissions are occurring INSIDE the family home, not outside of it. 
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A Victorian Health Department Covid-19 spokesman declared on the 17th April 2020 that golf was considered a ‘safe sport’. On the same day, Golf Australia reversed its decision to declare golf played according to social distancing rules was now supported.


However, within three hours our Chief Health Scientist retracted the advice without any scientific evidence to ensure his position conformed with the Premiers’. 

Similar stories are emerging every day relating to fishing, camping and using our national parks. We NEED to stop these political games and take back the freedom to be outside safely. 


We do not accept that limiting our movement to include sports like fishing or golfing has any role to play in spreading COVID-19. 

In states where both these pastimes have continued, there has not been one incident of community transmission of COVID-19. The community infection rate in Victoria is higher than Queensland where these activities are currently allowed. 

We demand an immediate lifting of the ban on Fishing, Golfing and enjoying OUR parks and Gardens in the state of Victoria. 

Failure to do so will contribute to significant mental and physical health issues in our community which will far outweigh the risks we are seeing with COVID-19. 


These restrictions will ultimately impact our Immune system and limit our capacity to fight a Covid 19 infection. 

We want this ban lifted.