N2 Deathrun Helderberg

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Today marks a new day. 

Today we as residents of the greater Gordons bay area stand up and with one voice shout we will not go silently into the night.

We will not let the criminals and lawlessness of our area be our prisoners. We will not sit down and be quiet while the criminals take over. 

We are calling on our elected officials to stand with us. 

We are calling for a provincial traffic unit to be based in Gordons Bay on the N2 highway.

We are calling for the Premier of the Western Cape and his Head of departments to come to Gordons bay and meet us. 

We are calling for the Provincial head of traffic Kenny Africa to come and see what is happening in our area. 

Why must the residents of the greater Helderberg basin be held captives by a group of criminals. 

How many more innocent lives must be lost because the politicians promise land and jobs and free everything without thinking. 

7 days after the petition ends we will hand this to Premier Alan Winde in his hands.

Saying we will no longer be silenced.