We want the closure of Kangaroo Island to visitors during Covid-19 pandemic.

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Please, Please, Mr Premier, listen to the people of Kangaroo Island and don't add to the stress and disappointment they have faced in the past three months.

Currently Australia is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis and we are only at the early stages of the Covid-19 Pandemic. For the sake of the Australian people and in this case, the people of Kangaroo Island it’s time for the SA Government to declare Kangaroo Island a no-go zone for other than essential services, food and general freight.

Many small businesses and accommodation services on the island are already choosing to limit their exposure to the virus even though they have been forced to lay off staff, and still keep creditors happy.  This is further exacerbated by mortgages, rent, and commercial leases. These businesses are doing the right thing and now its time for the Government to do the right thing.

The medical facilities on Kangaroo Island are the best we can afford but with only 2 ventilators, no ICU unit, not even a High Dependency Unit our patients would need to be airlifted off the island and this would place a huge strain on medical facilities in South Australia. Islands are great places for quarantine purposes but it works the other way around once a pandemic hits. The SA Government will be held accountable for the decisions it makes during this crisis and we can help them do what is morally, ethically and physically right by signing this petition.  Kangaroo Island has had enough tragedy.