Petition Closed

The most vulnerable people in our society are at risk of becoming homeless through being forcibly removed from their homes at the Monte Carlo Caravan Park. This is through the sale or outsourcing of the property. These residents have been paying for their accommodation for decades and even though the ‘Bligh Government’ promised that their accommodation was secure prior to the previous election; the Newman Government has decided that they will be placed in a tenuous position where potentially they will become homeless.

Letter to
Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland.

Stop the forced removal of elderly residents

On Monday the 30 July 2012, the ‘Can Do’ Newman Government preyed on the most vulnerable people in society. The long term, elderly residents of the Monte Carlo Caravan Park (Cannon Hill, Brisbane), who have for the majority been identified at risk; they were given letters of notice that they would have to leave, due to potential sale of the park.

The Monte Carlo Caravan Park is unique as 85% of residents are very elderly with long term accommodation. The remaining residents are at risk people. This is not your typical holiday caravan park. The faces of your Grandparents are the ones that have long term, lived in this accommodation. This is no holiday park.
Under the ‘Bligh Government’ the residents were promised that they were going have security of tenure of their homes. All residents were going to be able to stay in their caravans and although there may be an increase in price (in line with CPI); no one would be forced out, ever.

Campbell ‘Can Do’ sent a letter to all the residents of Monte Carlo Caravan Park. People are now being forced out of the only home they have known for 20 years or more; these people are 80 years or more in age. This home being only the humble caravan; not a house.

In this past fortnight the ambulance has been the constant companion. Hospitalisation, weakness, sickness; a real sense of deep depression. These residents don’t want a hand out, they pay reasonable rent for their accommodation, they want to stay in their own homes of 20 years or more. Forcing them out will lead to the elderly residents being placed on the long term waiting list for publically funded Queensland Government housing increasing pressure on scarce and limited housing for other at risk citizens.

All we want is for the Newman Government to keep the word that was given to us from the ‘Bligh Government’. We have been the taxpayer for a long time, we have shouldered the state through our own, hard work and taxpayer contribution. Do not leave us homeless now, we beg you.

This unique community needs protecting. Help us now.

The residents of Monte Carlo Caravan Park, Cannon Hill Brisbane