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Premier of Queensland
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Michael Hart
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Vaughan Johnson
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Ian Kaye
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Jon Krause
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Mark Robinson
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Anthony Shorten
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Dale Shuttleworth
Member for Hervey Bay
Ted Sorensen

Premier of Queensland: Stop the Cuts to Community Services


Every day another important community service closes because Campbell Newman has cut their funding - leaving more hardworking Queenslanders unemployed.

The community sector provides the social safety net for many Queenslanders – keeping our state fair, equitable and inclusive.

We need to let the government know that we will not accept cuts that leave the most vulnerable in our society without support.

Every cut the government makes to the community sector makes it more likely another Queenslander will fall through the net.

We cannot just stand by and let the government attack the organisations, workers or clients that make up the community sector.

We need to stand up for vital community services, and protect the community sector from the savage cuts Premier Newman has proposed.

Letter to
Member for Ipswich Ian Berry
Member for Ipswich West Sean Choat
Member for Capalaba Stephen Davies
and 37 others
Member for Stafford Chris Davis
Member for Gaven Alexander Douglas
Member for Redlands Peter Dowling
Member for Redcliffe Scott Driscoll
Member for Springwood John Grant
Member for Morayfield Darren Grimwade
Member for Murrumba Reg Gulley
Member for Townsville John Hathaway
Member for Pine Rivers Sean Holswich
Member for Yeerongpilly Carl Judge
Member for Waterford Michael Latter
Member for Stretton Freya Ostapovitch
Member for Logan Michael Pucci
Member for Lockyer Ian Rickuss
Member for Kallangur Trevor Ruthenberg
Member for Mount Ommaney Tarnya Smith
Member for Mermaid Beach Ray Stevens
Member for Sunnybank Mark Stewart
Member for Lytton Neil Stymes
Member for Toowoomba North Trevor Watts
Member for Nudgee Jason Woodforth
Member for Broadwater Verity Barton
Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett
Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman
Member for Albert Mark Boothman
Member for Coomera Michael Crandon
Member for Aspley Tracey Davis
Member for Bulimba Aaron Dillaway
Member for Gympie David Gibson
Member for Burleigh Michael Hart
Member for Gregory Vaughan Johnson
Member for Greenslopes Ian Kaye
Member for Beaudesert Jon Krause
Member for Cleveland Mark Robinson
Member for Algester Anthony Shorten
Member for Ferny Grove Dale Shuttleworth
Member for Hervey Bay Ted Sorensen
It's our community sector that provides the social safety net for many Queenslanders – keeping our state fair, equitable and inclusive.

Every cut the government makes to the community sector makes it more likely another Queenslander will fall through the net.

Prevention is better than cure, and cutting funding to programs that keep people healthy, keep people housed and help people into paid employment are not charity – they’re a smart investment in our state.

Why don’t you reach out to the Community organisations in your electorate and talk to them about the vital services they provide to your constituents? You may be surprised at how many people you represent depend on these organisations.

Please consider the impact that your cuts will have on the many Queenslanders that rely on the delivery of Quality Community Services - and reconsider your attacks on the Community Sector.