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Reduce power bills by 5 % to stop a rise in our cost of living & protect Queensland jobs

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Dear Premier

Unless you act from 1st July 2016 every regional Queensland business will need to absorb or pass onto their customers a proposed increase of around 10 percent for business power bills in regional Queensland.

Current electricity prices are causing pain in virtually every business sector including retail, tourism, mining, manufacturing and construction. A further rise in electricity prices will result in the loss of jobs. Regional Queensland can’t afford to lose any more jobs.

The cost of living will rise as nearly every product and service produced in regional Queensland involves electricity.

Milk, bread, fruit & vegetables, meat, takeaway and restaurant food are all affected many times by the cost of electricity in their journey from farm to plate.

People in Brisbane and regional Queensland will both feel the effect of farmers turning off or using less irrigation on their crops. Farmers’ irrigation bills are proposed to rise by more than 10 percent at a time when 84 percent of Queensland is officially drought declared.
Official statistics show:

  • Nearly 80 percent of Queenslanders disconnected due to the non-payment of their electricity bill did not have a pension or concession card
  • Over 14,000 Queensland households are on hardship programs because they can’t afford to pay their electricity bill (4,547 households are with Ergon Energy in regional Queensland)
  • In 2014-15 nearly 30,000 households were disconnected because they could not pay their bill, up nearly 5,000 households in just one year

Power bills have nearly doubled in Queensland over the past decade. Household budgets simply can’t afford a double whammy of a higher cost of living (due to higher business power bills) and an increase of around 2 percent in household power bills.

The Queensland Government has given the authority to set 2016-17 electricity prices to the Queensland Competition Authority. We ask the Queensland Government to take back its authority and for the Queensland Government to set electricity prices.

Higher electricity prices will impact on the cost of living for ALL Queenslanders and will result in the loss of regional jobs.

Please Premier reduce 2016-17 electricity prices by 5 percent compared to 2015-16 prices for all business and residential customers in regional Queensland.

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