Stop the destruction of Conservation Authorities In Ontario.

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Doug Ford and his P.C. government in Ontario are trying to decimate the Conservation Authorities whose mandate includes helping protect people from the impacts of climate change such as reducing the risks of flooding. Conservation Authorities also help their member municipalities meet their natural heritage and hazard planning obligations under the provincial policy statement.

Without programs like flood prevention, extreme weather will cost the taxpayer more - like the flood that dealt $80 million in damage to Toronto in three hours alone last August.

After slashing their flood prevention budget by 50%, Ford has now told Conservation Authorities to shut down many of their additional environmental programs.

So why does the Premier keep coming after the environment?

His election was paid by land developers. Ford's government snuck a highly questionable Bill 108 into life without any chance of debate or question as to how reasonable it was to the people it affected. Critics say the Ford government is enriching powerful developers at the expense of local community planning, heritage conservation and endangered species

Doug Ford's party ran on a principle of making Ontario open for business. Despite what Ford tries to tell his voters and the world, Ontario has ALWAYS been open for business.

Contrary to what Ford has implied, Conservation Authorities are not opposed to development. Instead, they work with developers to help place residential, commercial and industrial areas in places that don't needlessly destroy the environment.

“Catering only to requests from the development industry means a bleak future for Ontarians. Bill 108 will mean less community control over planning their towns and cities, threatened forests, streams and wetlands and more gridlock and sprawl. Ontario appears ‘open for business’ for only a few friends of the government,” says Tim Gray, Executive Director, Environmental Defence.

If you think that the role of Conservation Authorities are important, please help us tell the Environment Minister of Ontario, Jeff Yurek, to stop yet another attack on the environment by signing this and sharing it with others.