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Time to lift the pit bull ban

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We are blessed to live on a planet filled with diversity. There are countless varieties of plants and animals including many types of humans, white, black, short, tall, Buddhist, Jewish, etc. For millennia, we have all shared this planet--side by side.

Recently, Ontario passed a law that singles out a breed of animal for being different. Innocent dogs are now banned in our province because they had the misfortune of being born pit bulls. But what if we were to do to humans what we have done to pit bulls? Blame any problems on one particular type of human. What if we banned x religion or x culture, or people from x country? And what if the banned group wasn't allowed to visit or move to our province/state/country? All because of one individual who had committed a crime, or did something wrong? Wouldn’t we all be outraged by such acts of discrimination, hatred, and injustice?

Yet we have done just that by banning pit bulls in Ontario and by creating and enforcing BSL.

But we are blaming the wrong species. As responsible society members, parents are accountable for their children's behavior. It should be the same way for pet owners. Whether it is a dog or a child, we teach them how to behave and just as any child can be spoiled or indulged, any dog can be taught to be mean and aggressive. Statistics support that any breed can be dangerous if not properly trained or cared for. BSL can be compared to banning x nationality or y nationality because one member of that group committed a crime. BSL penalizes millions of dogs and their owners based on the poor actions of a few irresponsible people-not dangerous dogs

Not only do these innocent dogs suffer, but so do their families, caretakers, and companions. Sadly, in the end it doesn’t even end the problem. Careless community members will continue to own dogs that they cannot care for or train properly so bad behavior will happen.   Banning or executing pit bulls is far from being the answer. These dogs are not dangerous--the only thing dangerous about them is the person behind them. The only reasonable solution is holding the owner responsible.  

Every day around the world through love, patience, and persistence many dogs owned by irresponsible owners are being rehabilitated, including pit bulls. Furthermore, it is well documented that pit bulls are very loving dogs with huge hearts and kind temperaments. In fact, they are often used as therapy dogs.  

 So as concerned members of the community, we respectfully ask you to please lift the unfair and unjustified ban on pit bulls and put in place solutions that actually work. We know that the real answer is educating and requiring owners to be responsible and treating their pets with care and love.    






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