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Premier of NSW, the Hon. Barry O'Farrell and the State Government.: Retain ADHC as a public (government) service.

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Just when federal funding through a National Disability Scheme (NDIS) offers hope of better life for the disabled, NSW state government proposes to abdicate its responsibility & pulls the rug from under existing (ADHC) services by privatisation. (the biggest privatising of government service in history !)


About ten years ago the state government called for “Expressions of Interest” to take over care of our disabled, to shift accountability for that service away from itself. We campaigned hard to retain a guaranteed govt system which, though not perfect, was always improving.


We need to keep the qualified, trained, experienced staff currently employed by ADHC but they will “walk” if


their salary status & career paths are not retained. Their expertise is essential for adequate training and career prospects to attract and hold the ongoing necessary carers.


The disabled must be able to keep existing good carers and  keep their familiar home environment if desired .


The prospect of another battle to retain good services


strikes fear and anxiety in the minds of those whose lives depend on them. The effect on elderly parents & families is destructive.


There is every reason for government to remain directly responsible for care of our most vulnerable citizens.




For efficiency the best place to start would be to


1.      leave existing satisfactory services running (with the addition of some community-focussed staffing) while


2.    training prospective administrative workers in the “real world” of disability, so that they fully understand the complexities of caring for those with severe, moderate, and multiple disabilities. This would help them to plan fair and adequate contracts to benefit the disabled.


As for closing Stockton and similar homes and breaking up those “families” of ageing disabled, there could be no crueller way to kill them off early.

Our State government must continue to accept its direct accountability for its disabled residents.

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