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Say 'NO' to proposed NSW Fire and Emergency Services levy effective 1 July 2017

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Once again, we, the NSW taxpayers have been duped and lied to by the incumbent State Premier, Gladys Berejiklian and her cohort in the lie, the NSW State Treasurer, Dominic Perrottet. Contrary to the announcements propagating from the Premier's office that the proposed new tax will be a much fairer scheme for the majority of NSW homeowners, the actual truth of the matter is the reverse.

There is no doubt, for some homeowners,there will be a reduction in home insurance charges on the proviso that the insurance companies pass the so-called 'savings' on to the homeowners, but it does not cancel out the larger hike in the new tax that homeowners will be forced to absorb if the proposed tax proceeds. A typical example of how this tax will work, is that the homeowner insurer will save $81 dollars in insurance costs but get taxed $320 in the new tax (figures used are just an example to show how homeowners are not better off) . The insurance cost savings to the homeowner in no way outweigh the additional cost to the homeowner of the new tax. The reality is that many homeowners will be much worse off due to the recent Valuer Generals' new unimproved land assessments for 2017 on which the tax is calculated. I live in the Inner West  and my land value has increased from $648,000 in 2016 to $1,290,000 in 2017.

What is even worse about this lie to NSW homeowners, is that the NSW Government's web site blatantly uses extremely low land valuations to provide examples for the calculator and asks homeowners to use 2016 unimproved land valuations. What it means is that the majority Sydney residents and other large NSW city residents will be subsidizing the rest of NSW where there are lower land values. There are many pensioners who might be asset rich, but cash poor due to the rise of property values.

Where does the cut-off occur as Sydney's land values continue to soar? How can this be considered a fairer tax.

IF, the NSW Government gets its away with this new tax, it will provide a huge windfall for the Government. Pensioners, self-funded retirees, people on fixed incomes,negative gearers,commercial property owners will all be worse off. The possible and probable consequences of the tax will see less home insurance take up(something this tax is supposed to stop),increased rents,pensioner defaults, higher prices in commercial and retail outlets.

What this Government seems totally insensitive to is the current burden of living that NSW residents on fixed incomes are experiencing. This proposed tax will push people to the limit.

Sign this petition to get your voice heard. Contact your local member to lodge your complaint. Refuse to pay the tax component in the first installment of the new Council rate to signify your objection. Circulate this petition amongst family, friends and neighbours.


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