Change Environmental Assessment in Nova Scotia

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Warren Reed
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We object to the poorly conceived Environmental Assessment process of Nova Scotia Environment.

There is an imbalance of financial resources:

  • Proponents have the ability to pay a processing fee of up to $17,240
  • Proponents pay for a third party report that is guaranteed to be favorable.
  • The public is without the capacity to pay expenses for awareness, meetings, dissenting science and research.
  • Appeals through the courts are inherently expensive

Communities are in a weak position

  • Many undertakings occur in unincorporated areas:
  • Local communities do not have the social structures to respond appropriately.

There are inherent weaknesses in the process

  • The comment process is biased against the significant proportion of Nova Scotians without internet access
  • The time for public comment is very short
  • Although the province has the capacity to inform affected persons individually, it does not do so.
  • The province does not hold public meetings

The goal is clearly environmental exploitation, not preservation.

  • The 100% approval rate is alarming

The response to the Auditor General's criticism is weak and disorganized.

Therefore we request that all current assessments be suspended pending a comprehensive review of the process.