Bring back Youth Sports!

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Our local Minor Hockey Association (MHA) is looking for support to see kids get back to the game they love! (As well as other sports and sports programs).  We are located in the South east corner of the province, and in the South Health Zone...a Zone that currently sits at less than 2% of the total active Covid cases within our Province.  
The current Covid restrictions in place in Alberta prohibit any sort of youth team sports and the overall mental health of those players is dire. Their mental health and the long term effects we will see stemming from the lack of sport, far outweighs the risk to them from potential Covid exposure.  A smart return to play strategy would see their health become a top priority; still adhering to the strict measures in place province wide with masking and consistent sanitizing of surfaces and hand washing but yet allowing them to be physically active and able to enjoy the game(s) they love with the team mates they have.  
 Players are losing hope, they are losing their spark for the game, the skills they have spent years building and their health is suffering.  Give these kids their sport(s) back and give them a chance to save their mental health!  Give these kids a reason to want to sign up next year and the year after that and strive to be better as an athlete.  Give these kids their final year of youth sports because for many this is the last chance they have to play. Give these kids the opportunity to have the full scholarships they’ve earned from being successful athletes and move forward into their adult lives. Give these kids a glimmer of hope for the Province and our humanity.