Flood protection for Alberta River Communities

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This petition is calling on the Government of Alberta (Alberta Transportation) to immediately follow up with the Federal Environmental Review Agency (CEAA) directive of August 31, 2018 to evaluate the Tri-River Joint Reservoir of Alberta (TRJR) as  the required “Alternative Means”.

A feasibility study must start ASAP on the TRJR option which offers the best protection from dangerous flooding to our river communities while also conserving and storing water to help with fighting forest fires, mitigating ongoing drought conditions and generating a new and amazing recreation facilities which would be a source of a new revenue.

Water is our most precious resource so we must take care of it for ourselves and future generations.

The Springbank Offstream Reservoir and the McLean Creek Dam options only deal with one river (Elbow) and do not have the required capacity to protect from large floods, this is a serious safety concern.