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Condominium Board Members Are Not Above the Law

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After residing in my condominium complex for 21 years, I sold my lovely townhome, not because I wanted to, but after several years of ongoing condo Board issues I did not have the stomach to face yet another AGM. Over the years, some board members had enabled or engaged in conflicts of interests, improper conduct, opted not to comply with condo-related laws, and were non-transparent with the condominium funds. For example, in Alberta section 29 of the Condominium Property Regulation states that a Board must provide owners with a copy of the Annual Reserve Fund Report (prepared by the Board). This legislated requirement came into effect over a decade ago, yet owners of my condominium had never received a copy. In 2016, I had requested a copy of the ARF Report for the fiscal-year ending February 29, 2016. The Board would not comply. I sold my property in 2017. The condo board problems took their toll on my health. The sad reality is that I am not alone in my experience.

Many condo / strata owners in Canada feel bullied or intimidated by some boards / strata councils simply for asking for information they have a right to know.Some owners are afraid to speak out, especially if they have a pet that a board / council can arbitrarily demand be removed from the property. Some owners have seen their property values decrease because of low reserve funds and special assessments, and owners realize they have little control over their own investment. They feel frustrated, oppressed, and voicelessHow is it possible that we have a significantly large group of property owners in Canada without rights? Our provincial governments must create first-class legislation that focuses on protecting the largest stakeholder group - the owners, not the condominium boards / strata councils, and certainly not the service providers. Furthermore, legislation must include mandatory condo-related education for condo board members, in addition to hefty fines for Board Directors who choose not to comply with condo-related legislation.

Condominium Board / Strata Council members are not above the law. Great leadership is attained by having integrity, being respectful and thoughtful, and not by oppressing others. 

Although I wish to deliver the results of this petition to Alberta’s Premier Notley given the Government of Alberta is currently in the process of modernizing their condo legislation, and it is imperative that they produce top-notch legislation with a mandate to protect the majority stakeholders - the condominium owners, I also hope that all Canadians can support this petition to remind all provincial governments that it is unacceptable in Canada for condo / strata owners to be without any rights or to be oppressed by condo boards / strata councils who abuse their power.  We are in this together. Please sign my petition. Thank you.


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