Let us celebrate our 2020 graduates!!

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We are respectfully requesting that you allow authorization for all Saskatchewan high schools to formally acknowledge the class of 2020 with some type of celebration other than a virtual graduation.

Although we understand the health and safety of everyone is most important, we also believe there is an opportunity for these graduates to be properly acknowledged and recognized.

There are many facilities across our province that could provide ample space to ensure the social distancing safety precautions are maintained.  

A graduation ceremony is a right of passage, marking the successful completion of a thirteen-year commitment every student envisions.  This milestone should not be dismissed or minimalized. In March, students were abruptly forced to deal with a different world completely out of their control.  Resilience has helped them adapt to this situation and many are desperately trying to maintain personal connections with family and friends, continue with supplemental learning and keep their eye on their future.  When the Government guidelines for graduation failed to include an in-person event, the students were overwhelmed with disappointment and sadness.  We believe holding a live graduation ceremony is in the best interest of the graduates to mark this important milestone in their lives. 

We would be truly grateful if you would allow this to happen, considering other establishments that are able to have higher numbers (Costco, Walmart) and public events that are taking place outdoors (peaceful protests). 

Please let us celebrate our 2020 graduates!!

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